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Krav Maga: a modern self-defense system

Krav Maga is the self-defense and close-combat system of the Israeli army. In recent decades, it has been widely adopted by the militaries, police forces and judicial authorities of other nations. Krav Maga is based on natural human reflexes and is easy to learn. It utilizes instinctive movements and teaches techniques that can be used by anyone – irrespective of their age, size or gender. Its sophisticated training methodology, which uses realistic scenarios, is just one of the reasons Krav Maga stands out. The system has proved itself in real threat and attack situations all over the world.

Although Krav Maga has military roots and is used by police and security personnel, it is also exceptionally well suited as a self-defense system for ordinary citizens. The fact that it’s easy to learn and is based on natural movements makes it ideal for people who don’t want to train for hours every day.

The most important concept in Krav Maga is “don’t get hurt!” The aim is to emerge from a confrontation with as few injuries as possible. To achieve this aim, Krav Maga is not limited to direct physical threats. It also covers all other crises and conflict situations (including fires, terrorist attacks, as well as panic and chaos situations to name but a few).

Conditions of participation:

Before being allowed to take part in regular training, all participants must first complete the Krav Maga Induction Course. In specific cases, permission to participate in regular training may be denied: only people with an unblemished reputation and clean police record will be accepted. All participants must present a copy of their police record before regular training can begin. (This is not required for the Induction Course).

Free trial session/permission to watch a training session:

A free trial session is possible on Monday or Thursdays, subject to prior agreement by email. If you would like to watch a training session, simply come by on Mondays, Wednesdays or Thursdays. (No prior approval is required if you just want to watch on these days).

Training center in Rödernstrasse 26-32, Offenbach:

(Near the Cinemaxx in Berliner Strasse, not far from the Kaiserlei roundabout)
Our training center is the best-equipped Krav Maga facility in the Rhein-Main area: it covers a total area of 240 square meters, of which 160 square meters is matted. It has heavy bags, small, medium and large focus mitts and pads, and full body armor. We also have kettlebells, slings, heavy ropes and ultimate bags for additional cross-fit and functional training.
Parking: Note – it is not possible to park on the grounds of the Krav Maga training center. You may park in the surrounding streets for two hours with a parking disc. Further parking spaces can be found in the multi-storey and underground car parks close by. These include Berliner Strasse (entrance at number 220), Ludwigstrasse (Cinemaxx), and the car park in Bahnhofstrasse. (Some of these are free of charge, others are not).

Public transport: Take the “S-Bahn” (line 8 or 9) to the “Ledermuseum” station. (Rödernstrasse is located directly between the two entrances/exits, 100 meters on foot away from the training center). Alternatively, you can take the “Strassenbahn” (line 16) to the „Stadtgrenze“ stop (then walk 600 meters/eight minutes).

Opening times: 30 minutes before and after training.
Weekends are reserved for special seminars, outdoor training, and in-house training.
Special seminars (such as indoor/outdoor obstacle courses, close-quarters battle, and weapons) are held regularly for KMG members. The building complex in Rödernstrasse is very well suited to close-quarter battle training.
Special events for KMF members include high-rope courses as well as survival and shooting training.

Monthly fees:

€50 with a twelve-month contract (cancellation period: four months before the Membership Agreement ends)
€55 with a six-month contract (cancellation period: two months before the Membership Agreement ends)
€65 with a three-month contract (cancellation period: one month before the Membership Agreement ends)
€45 for school pupils, students, trainees and unemployed (proof required)

Regular training classes

Beginners: For beginners (including people from other martial arts): Level – Practitioner 1-3. Standard training as part of the KMF contract.

Intermediate: For beginners and advanced: Level – Practitioner 1-3. Standard training as part of the KMF contract.

Advanced: For advanced only: Level – Practitioner 3-5 and upwards. Prerequisite: good knowledge of P1 through P3. Standard training as part of the KMF contract.

Kick’n’Punch: All levels: Developing your kicking and striking skills using target mitts, pads and heavy bags. Standard training as part of the KMF contract.

Teens 16-18: All levels: For young adults aged between 16 and 18. Participants must first complete the Induction Course.
Fee: €35/month; this fee also permits the participant to take part in Kick’n’Punch training and the Intermediate session that takes place on Mondays. The first ten participants to register will secure a reduced fee of €30/month as well as a free KMF t-shirt.

X-Fit: Combat and fighting fitness with kettlebells, slings, heavy ropes, ultimate bags etc. This session is being offered free once a week (on Thursdays) until the summer holidays as an introductory offer.
After the summer holidays, X-Fit will also be offered on Mondays at the same time. Participants will need to buy a sheet of 10 tickets in advance. X-Fit is also perfect for people interested in all-round, effective and entertaining fitness training without the contact element. No KMF membership required!

Most relevant seminars & courses

Krav Maga Induction Course
Basic techniques that form the foundation of all further training:
– Defensive and fighting stances, guard, blocking
– Simple strikes for defense
– Defending typical attacks
– Releases from chokes, holds, headlocks
– Dealing with knife threats
– Stress training
– Awareness, prevention
– Background information

The techniques and tactics that make up the Induction Course are designed to give you an insight into Krav Maga as a ‘defensive tactics system’ and the methods that are used to teach it. These methods are tailored to the group that is being trained and are easily adjusted to meet specific needs.
Minimum equipment requirements: Sports clothing (two t-shirts advisable), indoor training shoes or wrestling/boxing boots or barefoot/socks (i.e. no normal trainers!), as well as a drink/food for the breaks. If you have them: Groin guard, forearm and shin protectors, small mitts (hand protection), heavy-bag gloves or similar.
Physical prerequisites: All participants are required to have the required level of health and fitness to take part in Krav Maga training.
Minimum age: 16 years Number of participants: max. 30 Acceptance on the Induction Course is subject to prior registration. Applications will be handled in the order in which they are received.
Note: in some circumstances, training may be held outdoors.

Krav Maga Refresher Course:
Another typical Krav Maga motto is “easy to learn, easy to remember“: Our Refresher Course is designed as a review and further development session for people who have already completed the Induction Course. It covers the techniques presented in the Induction Course as well as possible variations and extensions. It is therefore perfect for people who live further away and are therefore unable to take part in regular training. Members of the Krav Maga Center Frankfurt/Rhein-Main who want extra training will also benefit from this five-hour course. (Duration: approximately four training hours + one hour for introduction/breaks).

Self-defense seminars for women:
Our self-defense seminars for women basically cover the same Krav Maga techniques and tactics; however, they have been adapted to the physical, psychological and social situations of women. The focus is on dealing with the typical threats and attacks against women, using scenario-based training and support materials (e.g. slideshows).

Great importance is placed on dealing with an attacker who is wearing full body armor, as part of (and in addition to) an “obstacle course” that includes various problem scenarios (close quarter combat).

Weekend seminar: Same conditions as the Induction Course, with the exception that the number of participants is limited to 12.

The seminar will always be held by a female Krav Maga instructor – guaranteed. In some cases, the instructor may be assisted by men who will serve as your training partners as well as attackers in the close quarter obstacle course. The Krav Maga instructor may also be assisted by qualified social workers as co-trainers.

A weekend seminar for women counts as an Induction Course, i.e. it qualifies the participants to take part in regular training (subject to a clean police record).