Krav Maga für Militärpolizisten der US Army und US Marines

„This will help us most in combat situations. Say for instance you go into a house and you dont know whats going on, then someone comes at you tries to stab you,“ he explained. „Krav Maga keeps you quick on your feet and ready.“

Das sagt ein US-Militärpolizist, der an einem Krav Maga-Training für Militär- und Zivilpolizisten auf der Langley Air Force Basis teilgenommen hat.

Weiteres Zitat aus der Veröffentlichung der Basis:

U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Corie Flores, a 633rd Security Forces Squadron patrolman, said the training gave students an advantage in close-quarters combat situations against untrained or under-trained enemies.

„It (provides) a lot of practical applications for law enforcement and troops deployed downrange,“ Flores said. „(The training) is very natural and free flowing. If there’s something you don’t do right, you can keep going and still accomplish the end result rather than over think the maneuvers.“

Gerade der letzte Satz kann nicht genug betont werden.

Noch eine Einschätzung:

U.S. Marine Corps Cpl. Cody O’Neill, assigned to the Marine Corps Security Force Regiment in Norfolk, highlighted Krav Maga’s emphasis on hand-to-hand combat, which he said can be a critical skill set in urban combat environments often encountered during deployments.

ViaLangley hosts Krav Maga training for military, civilian police officers.